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Health Care

GSA Health/Dental Coverage:

As a graduate student you are automatically signed up for the GSA Health and Dental care plan, which costs approximately $400.00 per year. If you already have coverage, you can opt out of the GSA H&D plan. However, it is NOT permitted to have no health care coverage.

Opting out: Many supervisors provide Health and Dental Insurance to their graduate students. Check with your supervisor about the plan. If you are satisfied with the coverage provided by the supervisor, you can opt out of the GSA H&D plan. To opt out, visit this website for deadline and the opt-out form:

U of C Student Health Center:

  • Location: 3rd floor East Side, McEwan Hall (opposite the Grad Lounge)
  • Appointments: (Students only) - Weekdays 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Walk-in Clinic: (Students, Faculty and Staff) - Weekdays 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Phone: (403) 220-5765

As a graduate student, you have FULL access to the facilities on the main campus. The Student Health Center has a drop-in service with a wait of usually less than three hours, or you can make an appointment to see a physician in a few days time. There is NO COST involved; all you need is your student card, regardless of your medical coverage.

Filling Prescriptions:

There are pharmacies in many grocery stores such as Safeway, and at Shoppers Drug Mart. The price you pay for your prescriptions depends on your health care coverage.

Nutritional Counselling:

The Student Health Center also offers services like nutritional counselling, but these are NOT FREE, and are priced based on your particular requirements with the nutritionist.


Mental Health Care:

Counselling Center

  • Website:
  • Office Hours: Weekdays 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Phone: 220-5893 / Fax 284-0069 
  • Calgary Distress Center (24-hour phone line) has trained counsellors. Phone: 403-266-1605

The Student Health Center offers psychiatric help by appointment. The Counselling Center directly across from the Health Center offers psychological help by appointment (the difference is that psychiatrist can prescribe medication and psychologists can't). The psychologists at the Counselling Center are a mix of professional psychologist and students in the advanced stages of their clinical psychology training. The first 3 visits to the counsellor are free, and after that they are $25.00. If you are on the graduate student healthcare plan, the visits continue to be free - there will never be a cost for them.


Finding a Family Physician/Dentist:

For a current list of physicians accepting new patients, check

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