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In recognition of the fact that all students graduating with a neuroscience degree should be
able to exhibit a basic understanding of the brain at a molecular, cellular, and systems levels,
two core courses are required of all MSc and PhD students in the Neuroscience program. PhD level students must take one more course that is approved by their committee and the program.  

MDSC 619.01 Neuroscience I: Molecular/Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience, covers the basic techniques commonly used in neuroscience laboratories, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal function as well as development of the nervous system. 

Course Coordinators:
Dr. Ray Turner (rwturner[at]
Dr. Carol Schuurmans (cschuurm[at]

MDSC 619.02 Neuroscience II: Systems Neuroscience and Neuropathology, covers the essential systems of the nervous system, their component parts and how they function as well as neuropathological changes in nervous system function.

Course Coordinators:
Dr. Richard J. Wilson
Dr. Shalina Ousman

In addition to the core curriculum, several more specialized graduate courses are offered
under the Department of Neuroscience Graduate Program and the HBI. These are
designed to provide in-depth knowledge in a variety of neuroscience areas. Two other courses that are routinely offered:

MDSC 751.XX (formerly 619.04) Neuroanatomy, gives students a hands on opportunity to  understand the intricate neuronal connections that make up the nervous system.

MDSC 751.09 Ion Channel Diseases. This course explores the role of channelopathies in human disease. 

Students have the opportunity to take graduate courses offered by other departments, to best suit their educational needs.

The Faculty of Medicine requires that students working with animals in their program
complete the necessary training requirements to be certified in animal care through the
Animal Resources Center. Students are also required to attend a seminar on Research Ethics provided by the Graduate Science Education office. For information about Research Integrity and Ethics Day please contact Kasia Judycki at kjudycki[at]


These policies and other important information related to the Neuroscience Graduate Program can be found here.

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