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One of the perks of being a graduate student is attending conferences, both regional and international. These are excellent platforms to share your own work with other students and researchers while getting a taste of what other research is being done outside of your institution. Conferences and meetings also provide ideal opportunities to network. Below are a few of the major conferences that are held annually.

Society for Neuroscience (S/N)
This conference is held in November, on an annual basis. The 2008 meeting is scheduled for November 15-19 in Washington, D.C. Approximate number of attendees is 30,000 (largest International Neuroscience conference).
Abstract deadline: May

Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN)
The annual CAN meeting is held in May. Abstract deadline: March

Gastrointestinal Research Group (GIRG) This research group is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at U of C, including both basic and clinical researchers studying the GI tract, pancreas and liver. Seminars are held on a weekly basis, while conferences are held on an annual basis (traditionally in January).

Disease Week (DDW) 1=679
This is another large conference held yearly, bringing together GI professionals from around the globe. Approximate number of attendees is 16,000. The DDW 2008 was held in San Diego, California (May 17 - 22). The DDW 2009 will be held in Chicago, IL (May 30 - June 4). Information is already available online: 1=628.

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